Standort: Amsterdam, NL     Mitarbeiter: 6     Gegründet: 1980     Produkte: Ethische Stoffe



"Natural light streams through ten large windows, creating a spacious and peaceful atmosphere. Captivating colorful cotton and silk fabrics for interior and garments, shawls, tablecloths, bedspreads and cushion covers are displayed in our shop windows."

Capsicum ist ein wunderbarer, kleiner Laden, den Nadja bei einem Besuch in Amsterdam entdeckt hat. Der Ikat, den wir von hier beziehen, wird in Indien in kleinen Familienunternehmen auf traditionelle Weise handgewebt. Durch regelmässige Besuche vor Ort, behält das Capsicum-Team einen Überblick über die Produktionsprozesse und ist in der Lage, die Qualität und die dort herrschenden Arbeitsbedingungen zu gewährleisten.


Ein Eindruck von der Produktion in Indien: Ein Mann webt den einzigartigen Ikat auf einem Webstuhl mit der Hand.



 Nadja beim Aussuchen in Amsterdam - die Stoffauswahl ist einfach wunderbar farbenfroh und fantasievoll. Erkennt ihr einige unserer Kleider hier?



Erfahre hier mehr in unserem Interview mit Capsicum:


Whats your name, age and where are you from? 

Our name is 'Capsium Natuurstoffen' which means Capsicum Textiles in English. Since 1980 our retail shop has been located in the old city center of Amsterdam. Most of the products we sell are coming from India and some are designed in Amsterdam.

What is your profession / What are you doing as a company?

Capsicum develops, produces, imports and sells hand-woven fabrics, interior and fashion accessories. Since 1975 we have sold our products
directly to the public in the old city center of Amsterdam. Since 1980 our retail shop has been located at Oude Hoogstraat 1, on the corner
of the Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

A large part of the Capsicum collection is designed and developed in Amsterdam. We cooperate regularly with designers who create new designs for original products or give already existing designs a new look. Our style is uncompromising colorful, modest and robust. Our fabrics and fabric accessories are mostly made of handwoven, natural materials. Respect for handicraft and product originality lie at the heart of Capsicum.

How did you get to this job and what do you like about it?

The founders of Capsicum, Steve and Deborah Pepper, two American hippies living in Amsterdam traveled to India for their passion of music.
They fell in love with India and their textile crafts and got inspired about it. They noticed that those beautiful fabrics weren’t available in the dutch stores yet. They started a small store to sell their handpicked fabrics from India, from the suppliers they have met, to the dutch consumer. What we like about it until now. The lovely fabrics of course! We all admire fabrics, colors and telling the story behind a fabric to the customer. We like to contribute to the sustainable consumption of our customers. When you buy something in our shop you can cherish it for years.

What kind of garment would you like to be and why?

We would like to be the garment where people feel most comfortable in and themselves. We prefer a garment with a lovely mix of colors and an interesting character. The garment needs to be made of natural fibers on an ethical way.

If you could make one wish, what would it be?

May peace prevail on earth.

Who did you always want to meet for a coffee and a chat?

Drinking a chai with Mahatma Gandhi, while sitting on the floor in front of his handloom.

How do you integrate the topic of sustainability into your everyday life and have you ever thought about sustainable clothing?

This is already a topic for us for 45 years! Sustainability isn’t something new for us. It’s in our DNA since we started.

Is there something you always wanted to say?

Less is more!


Mehr Informationen über Capsicum findet auf ihrer Seite.