Space for... das bedeutet wir wollen Platz machen und euch alle vorstellen, die uns geholfen haben. Und was wären wir, ohne unsere Models! Wir könnten euch keines unserer Lieblingsstück zeigen, und deshalb freuen wir uns immer wieder über die Unterstützung von tollen, jungen Frauen, die Spaß daran haben mit uns zu arbeiten!



Erfahre hier mehr im Interview mit Karli:


Whats your name, age and where are you from / currently living? 

I´m Karli, I´m 22 and I´m from Colorado, but I live in Munich.

What is your profession besides modeling?

I just finished my studies in international business and now I´m doing an internship at Allianz – we´ll see, what my profession becomes!

How did you get into modeling?

Since I was younger I always did shoots with different photographers to collaborate with them. When I was living in Barcelona last year I started getting more into it and doing shoots with bigger photographers. I just really like the collaboration because I´m also an artist - I really enjoy painting and therefor like to create something.

What kind of garment would you like to be and why?

I would probably like to be a pair of boots, because they are like my signature thing to wear.

If you could make one wish, what would it be?

That’s a tough one! Either it would be to timetravel or to fly – or to be more realistic: Having a horse.

Who did you always want to meet for a coffee and a chat?

I have to think about that, because there are quite a few people - especially a variety of philosophers I would love to meet. One of them is Nietzsche, a german philosopher who lost his mind because of all the sadness of the world. He had a very interesting philosophy and I guess it would be mindblowing to sit down with him and have a talk.

How do you integrate the topic of sustainability into your everyday life and have you ever thought about sustainable clothing?

Actually sustainability has taken a big part of my life, especially since I started working at Alliance in the corporate sustainability department. I try to make my daily decisions more sustainable, weather it is biking to work or taking public transportation, using a coffee press instead of using capsules. With my career I would love to bring this more into different companies and try to make a greener future.

Is there something you always wanted to say?

Don´t vote for Trump!