Space for... das bedeutet wir wollen Platz machen und euch alle vorstellen, die uns geholfen haben. Und was wären wir, ohne unsere Models! Wir könnten euch keines unserer Lieblingsstück zeigen, und deshalb freuen wir uns immer wieder über die Unterstützung von tollen, jungen Frauen, die Spaß daran haben mit uns zu arbeiten!



Erfahre hier mehr im Interview mit Kivénia:


Whats your name, age and where are you from / currently living? 

I’m Kivénia Ferreira. I’m 24 years old and I’m from Cape Verde. Currently I’m living in Lisbon.

What is your profession besides modeling?

I came here to college, I have finished my degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology, and soon I will start my master's degree. Living here has been a great experience and I’ve been learning a lot of things through these years.

How did you get into modeling?/ 

Who did you always want to meet for a coffee and a chat?

I started my modelling career because a friend of mine sent me an ad which was asking for girls for a hairstyle job, and I got through the agency and they accepted me to be part of the agency. Some family and friends used to tell me that I was perfect for modelling, but until that day I didn’t think that I could be a model. But I’m grateful for those who have inspired me to follow my dream.One of these people is Monja Coen and I would love to meet her in person and talk to her.

If you could make one wish, what would it be?

If I could make a wish, I would ask for a world with love and kindness. I truly believe that education and making people aware is the key for everything. We can only change the world if we change our consciousness.

How do you integrate the topic of sustainability into your everyday life and have you ever thought about sustainable clothing?

Our planet is our home, and this has been a concern for me and many others who believe that our behaviors impact directly in nature. I think it’s possible to change our habits, for this primary purpose. Because we used to live in this way that can mean that we couldn’t change it, it is a matter of consciousness and education. I would love to live in a sustainable world, where we can use the resources that Mother Nature gives us with consciousness. Everyday I try to make choices that wouldn’t harm our nature. I’m changing my eating habits, paying more attention to my cosmetic products, amount of water, plastics and recycling. For me it’s a great relief the possibility to use sustainable clothing. As a future cosmetologist I’m focused on the organic and natural industry and how I can offer quality without harm to our planet, and consequently our health.

Is there something you always wanted to say?