Whats your name, age and where are you from / currently living? 

Tessy, 33, From Genova/Italy, currently Portugal/Spain/Europe

What is your profession?

Photographer, stylist, interior Architect, amongst others...

How did you get into photography?

Since I was a kid I was always the one documenting and collecting everything.

It became a real thing though only when in my grandparents house I found my grandad's secret collection of cameras, rolls, lenses and photos from around the world. He used to be an engineer and painter, but nobody knew about that secret side of him yet. I took it as a sign I had to continue his journey. Since then I am using his equipment and it's a big part and challenge of my approach to photography.

Friends and colleagues pushed me into trying photography as a professional at first, I didn't really listen until 3 years ago, the real kick has been moving to Portugal, here I felt I had to dedicate myself 100% to this and make it my life, it's been a very curious and intense adventure so far, looking forward to see where it's going to take me.

What kind of garment would you like to be and why?

I would be pockets: practical functional and behind the scenes

If you could make one wish, what would it be?

Relax and slow down

Who did you always want to meet for a coffee and a chat?

Too many people. I constantly go for "blind dates" with people I find interesting, for different reasons, and we chat and get to know each other, with some it becomes a friendship, other I will never see again. But I don't have any specific heroes, so many people have very interesting stories to share, I guess that's how I started Lisbon Whispers, it's all about curiosity.

How do you integrate the topic of sustainability into your everyday life and have you ever thought about sustainable clothing?

I grew up in a very eco-friendly and local-based reality back in Italy.

My mum is a green lifestyle pioneer so for me it's just normal to use what I have, buy only something that's special and will last and become part of my life.

I like to spend money on good raw food to prepare at home and in plants to grow my little garden.
Sustainable clothing can be a bit controversial sometimes, but I can't deny fashion is an expression of identity and creativity and that's why it's important to make an effort.

Is there something you always wanted to say?